About us
About us

Lacidem was founded by Ben Pais, a physician educated at the University of Groningen and the VU University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. He's practiced medicine for a couple of years after which he started his career in pharma at Sanofi. He held various national and international positions in medical affairs and marketing. After having worked 15 years in pharma he switched to the medical device business, Elekta, where he's been Vice President of Global Medical Affairs for 5 years.

The availability of medical and clinical affairs expertise in the medical device business is limited whereas the market is asking for more. This was the reason to found Lacidem with the objective to provide end-to-end, medical and clinical solutions based on

  • unique expertise and experience in the life science business in both medical devices and pharma
  • large experience with developing and implementing medical and clinical strategies
  • in depth knowledge of life science laws and regulations and their impact and implementation in business processes and quality management systems
  • clinical research experience in a variety of indications with medical devices and pharmaceuticals - initiating, executing and closing clinical studies, as part of a clinical development or study plan, alone or together with a CRO
  • broad network in healthcare institutions, life science businesses, notified bodies and competent authorities

Knowledge and experience drive the quality of results

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Life science businesses are complex, heavily regulated and require in depth knowledge in order to become active and successful. Regulations, especially for medical device companies, are becoming stricter and require more and more medical and clinical input throughout the product life cycle. It is our mission to simplify the business for our customers by providing high-level medical and clinical products.


With ageing populations in almost every country the need for healthcare is increasing. Rapidly evolving innovations are the basis for paradigm shifts in treatments of various diseases. Regulation, but also end user needs and requirements are changing parallel to these innovations. At Lacidem we have gained an extensive medical and clinical knowledge and experience in the medical devices and pharmaceutical businesses. We are dedicated to use this knowledge and experience for the improvement of the global “health status” by supporting and co-operating with life science businesses. Our drive facilitates your ambitions!

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